There Have Always Been Puffins

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There Have Always Been Puffins

There Have Always Been Puffins was written to answer the wide range of questions about horned and tufted puffins posed by visitors to the Kenai Fjords in Alaska. It was specifically designed to meet the needs of adult tourists who wanted to share their experience with children and grandchildren back home. Each page features three integrated but separate strands.  Illustrations with imbedded text tell the story of a horned puffin's return to the rookery and his first season as a puffin parent.

On the bottom of each page is a ditty about the life history of puffins. Patterned after the classic Florence Page Jacques’ poem, There Once Was a Puffin, and following the story line on the page, this ditty was written to to be read to the very young and young at heart. The third strand – dedicated to those readers who want the facts – presents clear, factual information about horned, tufted and Atlantic puffins. The entire book is done in a picture book format showing both the caricaturized world of Al and Cid and the real world of three major species of puffins. 
There Have Always Benn Puffins

Saddle Stitch Paperback
24 Pages


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