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A Whale's Tale from the Supper SeaA Whale's Tale from the Supper Sea

Continue the adventure started in There Have Always Been Puffins with A Whale's Tale from the Supper Sea.  Alice the tufted puffin is back! In this delightful book, C.J. and Ba Rea have refined their unique style of presenting natural history information for the whole family.  Meet the creatures of the Supper Seain the Kenai Fjords as Alice searches for her friend Meg the humpback whale.

A Whale's Tale Page
  On each page, the full color illustration weaves together a story line, natural history facts, and a rhyming ditty.  While carefully preserving the natural habits of the creatures they present, the authors have animated these creatures to talk to us.  As Alice the tufted-puffin searches for her friend Meg the humpback whale, each  creature she meets contributes something to the reader's knowledge about Meg and the habits of humpback whales. Behind a page curl on each page-between the pages-you'll find natural history facts about humpback whales narrated with humor by a ranger krill. At the bottom of each page, visually set within the kelp, a minstrel krill tells the story in rhyme, appealing to young readers.
Paperback, 8"X10," 24 pages, retail $10.95


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