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I am offering a series of posters and coloring pages as an introduction to monarchs. Those posters will be available here for any teachers, monarch enthusiast or curious person to use. I ask only that you reproduce them intact with my copyright and contact information. To request permission to use the images or text in any other publication, printed or online, please contact me at barea@basrelief.org. If you use any of my materials in a classroom, at home or with a group and would like to share your experiences, I would love to post your photos, comments and suggestions. Please let me know: barea@basrelief.org This is the first of six posters, all of which can be accessed either through About Monarchs.

These posters are a simple introduction to the monarch life cycle. For more detailed information check out on Ba Rea's Monarchchaser blog page on monarch butterfly life cycles.

For a PDF of this poster for teachers and others Click HERE

Monarch Caterpillar Hanging in "J"